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Another Re-nonsense man
United States
Current Residence: Austin TX
Favourite genre of music: Gothic / Metal / Industrial / Children's songs (Still paying attention, huh?)
Favourite photographer: I'll play that game... who is my favorite Photographer
Favourite style of art: Northern Renaissance, mechanical sculpture
Operating System: Windoze XP
MP3 player of choice: eh... sure.
Shell of choice: Scallops or Murexes. It's a tough call.
Wallpaper of choice: newspaper and wheat paste with crayon scrawl
Skin of choice: Mine, Duh. (what the hell kind of questions are these?)
Favourite cartoon character: I'll have to think on that one. Something Warner Brothers. Probably Bugs Bunny.
Personal Quote: what the f$%@ !!
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Both cores spin to zero
  • Reading: What I'm writing for errors
  • Watching: Time pass
  • Playing: my sister's cat
  • Eating: Home-made Pizza (ay-yo, I'm from NY)
  • Drinking: coffee with cocoa (or, mocha al la jester))
So, time for the fool's "semi-kinda-partially-weekly-somewhat-ontime-but-not-really" journal update. Or, what the hell's going on?

First off - Don, thanx again.I'd be remiss if I didn't post this part first. I love this site, and you really squared me up. Much obliged. really. For those of you who haven't seen the amazin' that this man makes, please do:… some utterly cool and groovy things to get the mindwheels turning. looking forward to whatever you do next.

   Hmmm... where next.. oh, yeah. Finally got Technorantula finished and posted. To all of your deviants out there who have seen and commented, much obliged, everyone of you. Ya'll really do kick ass. It's nice to get feedback form such a talented group of individuals; all of whom have something great to impart as far as wisdom and critique. It is appreciatted guys and gals. Thanx. Really.
As far as the giant bug goes, I have one more punchline to the whole "national Geographic spoof" I'm running on her. I'm waiting on a confirmation from someone who'll let me "quote" them in the article as a "consulted entomologist." The cool thing is, she really is one. (my kind of person, scientific and artsy - great combination). at any rate, go check her work out, she definitely deserves it. Does some amazing things with bead work and glass:

Really beautiful intricate work and some good photography in there too. Worth the look.

  So what else is the fool doing? Well, I think I'm going to start reposting some of my older stuff. Mind you, I'm not going to be "that guy", you know, the one with 345,657 of the same picture, lol. The way I set up the tech spec on 'rantula I'm pretty happy with. Needless to say, I hadn't done all that well on the mechanical arm and junkbot. They need some TLC and reposting to show what is really going on there. But I'm not going to just keep posting old stuff. For all intents and purposes, my "oliphant" is at 99% done, so I'll come up with something good for that. as usual a tech spec detail sheet and something "artsy" for lack of a better term. If anyone has a good idea on the "artsy" part, I'm open to it by the way. I might do some sort of photomod, but I'm not certain. maybe something with the band logo it ties to. eh, just thinking out loud. The "mechsquito" I'm working on is next in the loop I think for finishing. That thing has been in unfinished state for far too long, and I have most of what I need to do to it roughed out. So that should be floating around here in a few weeks. before x-mas at any rate I believe. I still have a challenge open with ~ou8nrtist2 on a bathynomus Gigas. (google that thing sometime. you think a mechanical spider is bad? this thing actually exists). so I'll be starting to get some sketches and ideas thrown down. I told him I'd keep him posted on progress, and I'll hold to it. Right now though, parts, time and money are the determining factor as usual, and I'm low on all counts. *sigh* such as it is.

   New Ideas: Mechanical bird. Remember the story of the emperor's nightingale? Yeah, that's the inspiration. I'm currently hoarding and culling every bit of brass and coppper I can find for this one. Gimme some time. This one won't be "silly/stupid" either, I.e, no spoofing. I want something with a little elegance and grace, yet steampunkish and mechanical. More influence from Ou8nrtist2. at least as far as elegance and beauty is concerned. I also want some warmth. Aluminum, steel, lead, tin etc are all very nice and I like them immensly (like you couldn't tell), but I want something more approachable. This will be interesting. I'm still theorizing on how to build it, but all I'll say is that I have the legs worked out right now, in theory. I will leave the rest to mystery. Also, another head.

Gentle reader: "another one? how about some, oh, I don't know... DIVERSITY!"

Hey, this one will be different. Let's put it this way. most people hate taking out the garbage. Everytime I do it. i seem to find some cool motor or something, lol. It's like a treasure hunt, only way less romantic and somewhat smellier. At any rate, this one will be a little different.  Droid head is about ten million bits and pieces just to make the skull. with this, I already have the centerpiece done. I have some good ideas on this. Nuff said.

   One other art related bit - you may see some actual "real" sculpture from me in the not too distant future. Turns out someone has me in on a job to reconstruct a capital from a column from 1940 or so. I'm still brewing on how to go about this. there is some major water penetration damage and fractures/missing bits. so it will be quite a reconstruction effort. So when I get that done and outta the way, I'll post a process shot of before during and after. we'll se how this goes. Been awhile since I tried my hand in a plasticine medium. The cool part is I can charge tools I need to the client. Zen!

  So, if you read this far, I appreciate it. I know I'm long winded, but most of my day is spent quiet. so it helps to get this stuff out. OOoh, 'afore I forget - Thanx for the +500 hits. Ya'll rock. Ya'll have a happy thanksgiving and spend it with someone, anyone you care about. I've had too many military holidays by myself, and that sucks. Make some plans and enjoy yourselves. Thanx deviants

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this is great, i like that whole ingeneery thing. how do you put the parts togather? a screwdriver?
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Hey Jester, I haven't heard your ramblings in a while so I'm checking to see how life is?
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You have some great stuff here,really like your mechanical sculptures !
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hey man, no problem. youve got some sick shit.
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I like what your doing, what other projects are you working on. I also sculpt, from computers parts and other found objects also.
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Happy new Year mate :) been a while ,,,,busy?
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Yes, he is already on the watch list. .. very good.
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